(β-glucan + Zinc)
“world’s number one immune-booster”

Imiboost is a nutraceutical supplement for enhancing your immunity and maintaining the immuno-competence to fight against infections and cancer. Imiboost is a combination of two very potent immunomodulators, β-glucan and Zinc, which synergize and rejuvenate the immune system.

β-glucans are naturally occurring polysaccharides found in 1) oat/ barley, 2) mushrooms, 3) yeast, 4) bacteria, and 5) seaweeds / algae.  Beta Glucan used in Imiboost is differentiated by deriving from microbial source that specifically activates the immune system for protection against disease-causing agents.

β-glucans are comprised of a series of glucose units linked together by several different types of β-glycosidic linkages, at differing positions (1,3), (1,4) or (1,6).  While most of the β-glucans are branched molecules, the ‘β-glucan’ used in Imiboost is derived from Agrobacterium species and is a ‘single-chain polysaccharide’ with ‘1,3’ linkages and more importantly without any side branching; this chemical feature makes β-glucan more potent because its better binding affinity with the cellular receptors of the immune system.

β-glucans increase host immune defense by activating complement system, enhancing macrophages and natural killer cell function. The induction of cellular responses by beta-glucans involves their specific interaction with several cell surface receptors, as complement receptor 3, and selected scavenger receptors. β-glucan used in Imiboost acts binds specifically to dectin-1 receptor on the Dendritic Cells, the most important cell of the immune system, and thereby effectively promotes both innate and adaptive arms of the immune system.

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The health benefits of β-glucan are basically due to its ability to strengthen and enhance the functional competence of the immune system. Since immune system is involved in maintaining a vigilance and protection against any disease-causing agent, use of an immuno-booster like β-glucan has a wide-ranging health benefits. β-glucans have been found to be effective especially against:

  • Viral infections, like HIV, Hepatitis B, Influenza Virus, Dengue virus
  • Fungal Infections
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Immuno-compromised Patients

Regular use of a product like Imiboost could help in maintaining a disease-free health life, especially in a pandemic situation like COVID-19.

β-glucans are one of the most studied natural products for a variety of clinical conditions, especially cancer and infections., a service of the US National Library of Medicine®, features 160,000 scientific publications on Glucan and almost 50,000 scholarly articles involving Glucan and Humans.

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Some of the clinical studies on β-glucans are listed below:

1) Clinical studies on anti-cancer effects of β-glucans:

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 2) Clinical studies on anti-tuberculosis effects of β-glucans:

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 3) Clinical studies on anti-viral effects of β-glucans:

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 4) β-glucan is now being considered for treatment of COVID-19 treatment:

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 “Taking together the idea of using -glucans in SARS-CoV-2 is due to the fact that this bioactive compound exerts a great antiviral activity and previous studies clearly demonstrate its effectiveness in viral infections at the stage of viral entry, thus, it is necessary to perform further clinical trials and find the best combination which is suitable in the treatment of COVID-19.”

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Imiboost 300 (300 mg β-glucan and 10mg Zinc picolinate) can be taken by anyone above the age of 10.  One capsule per day should be taken, preferably before meals, at least for 90 days. Since Imiboost does not have any side effects, it can be taken as a health supplement on regular basis.

Use of β-glucans is contraindicated under the following conditions.
1) Pregnancy
2) Auto-immune disorders


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